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Tuesday, December 16, 2008:last week of school
Term is ending. woohoo.. 3more days. k lahh.. make it 2 since i think the lecturers are not giving any lectures on friday.

time juz flies by so quickly. and i am having a writer's block now. hahhaha.. no link i know, just dunno wad to write anymore. i dont want to blog for the sake of blogging either. really want people around me to know more about my life. and to share any interesting snippets with u guys. hmm.. have i changed? so much so that i dun have anything to talk about anymore? i dunno... dun really want to know anw.

life in the past few weeks have been quite routine on the whole. school in the morning. study, read bible, watch the channel 8 nonya show, slack and then play dota at night before going to sleep. hahaha... so boring rite?

ohh.. wanted to say the household stayed up quite late on a weekday. we were having choc fondue at like 11pm? and then we juz sat and talked.. and i slept at 630am cos i could not tahan anymore. old already lo.. rem last time at chalets.. always can stay up the whole night till the next day but now cannot liao. but maybe also me is a pig lahh.. aahha always nid to sleep de. not like weiming who can only have 7hrs of sleep, nothing more nothing less.

yea... anyways i have applied to ucl and warwick for masters lo. ucl is my1st choice lahh as i am applying for masters in stats there and i am more interested in statistics. and ucl has already offered me a conditional offer of 2nd upper. so happy.... it all depends on moe now.. and of cos my results at the end of the year lahh. haha...

looking forward to the italy trip next monday! wif duane and mel.. hope the trip will be a blast. =p


8:42 PM

Sunday, November 30, 2008:i kissed dating goodbye
Term is ending. Cant wait for term to end. Everything passes by so quickly and soon I will be taking my very last paper and graduating. Another chapter of my life will be closed soon, or maybe MOE allows me to take Masters? Until then.

Work seems to be never-ending. I am feeling more like an arts student now. the time spent at home studying is so much more than the time spent copying notes during lessons. 2 assignments and I am done for the term!

So Daryl has just finished his A levels and is going to serve army really soon. The dynamics of our family is changing and I am very happy. 3 small boys from not long ago are now not-so-small men lo. I hope that my dad can stop worrying about us and just simply relax and enjoy life, something which is of a high order for him to do. 1 more thing! We, (the whole family) have not gone on a holiday trip together before! (Malaysia not counted)

Really hope that that day will come before i create my own family in the near future :)

Just finished reading the book I HAVE KISSED DATING GOODBYE. It is a very good book. All along, I have my own viewpoints on relationships normally shaped by the relationships around me and it never did occur to me about God's perspective on this issue. I am proud to say that i have really kissed dating goodbye.

i will be waiting for the right one. waiting for God to make the 1st move for me. wait. i guess i have finally understood what it means to surrender my life to Him. :) in the meantime, i will continue to improve myself. make myself a better person and be more Christ-like!


2:10 AM

Thursday, November 06, 2008:bring me along!
i know that i have been mia-ing. i have half the mind of closing down the blog and not continuing anymore. i am also waiting for an email by flooble.com to tell me that my chatterbox is closing down cos of inactiveness but i did not realise that some of u have tagged on my blog. lol

i am doing fine. i am enjoying the modules that i am taking this year. i think it is really different. the past few years were really to learn and master the machinery and techniques but this year i get to learn something concrete and interesting.. so ya i am enjoying more.

anyways.. want to talk more about christianity. wanted to blog about it for some time le and so here i am. i want to say that people in general have misconceptions about christians as a whole. (but it could be also the way christians bring themselves across to others)

in my opinion, everyone is the same.
for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
-Romans 3:23
we are all sinners. the only difference is that christians accept Jesus as their saviour and believe that He has died on the cross for us and our sins are washed away.

in no way, we are more superior and christians should not have that image. instead, we should humbly point out to everyone what God has done for us in our lives and let them decide for themselves.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish and have eternal life.
-John 3:16
It is this same unconditional love that we should all have with us when we deal with people around us.

the reason as to why i am saying this is not that i have bad experiences or anything but just want to remind myself and u guys about it. =)

anyways, the show which is blowing my mind off is Taiwanese serials
which starrs Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan. The show is superrr farnie and it is a pity that i can only watch it every Mondays on youtube as it is screened in Taiwan on Sundays.

i think this song is really meaningful.

In my opinion, this song is about someone who cant find love even though she dreams about it all along. then comes this man who wants to be with her and yet he is not the one for her. in desperation, she is willing to have a relationship with this man..

that is my interpretation of the song.. which is soooo sad. haiii

my fav line from the song.
就算 我的爱 你的自由都将成为泡沫,我不怕,带我走。


12:35 AM

Thursday, October 09, 2008:london!
so now i have reached london for a few days le. ermmm... it is the last year of my undergraduate studies le! time really flies hor? suddenly got the inertia to start studying again. all because this holidays was so long and i slacked too much:)

oh and i dun mean to sound gay.. ahaha.. but my room is super cold and lonely cos my 2 roomies are not here yet! hurry come back! add some atmosphere into the house. haha. olivia!! the house is quite different without you around too! hahaha. haixxx.

hopefully this year will be a refreshing and fulfilling year for me. :p


3:13 AM

Thursday, September 25, 2008:sucky timetable
to those who are patiently (or impatiently) waiting for a new entry of mine to drop down from the sky, heres a new one! haha.. think it may be the last entry of year 2008 in penned in singapore.

yo yo sharoN! it is reallie heart-warming to see people whom I have lost touch for quite some time to say come and say hi. ok think i must do that often to others too! since i know that is a good feeling rite? =)

oh think 2 sundays ago, i was at j8. then this girl came up to me. i thought oh my, not another insurance/financial person. just when all my pourcupine spikes are up and on the defense, i realised she looked quite familiar. then she asked me whether i was from vj. haha. turned out that she was william's classmate. s64 de. then we talked alittle and i got a free thermal mug from HSBC. hahah.. she is working for the bank. anyways, the main point that i want to say is, she said that i am more tanned and more zhuang4 than i was in jc. hahahahaha... me was sooo happy lahh.. sorry lah.. these few days got nothing going on to make me happy anyway. :)

i just saw my new term's timetable. it means my holiday is coming to an end. shucks! this holiday isnt the best holiday anyways. haahhha. the timetable sux big time!! lemme explain... in year 3, we can finally choose different modules to take. on average, each person will take 4 modules. so what happens is that the school asked us which modules we would be interested to take before school ended in june. then the school will look at our interest and try to plan the timetable.

so... i have decided to take 3 particular modules and unsure for my 4th one. wanted to go shopping during the 1st week to see which one is better for me. BUT! haii..

there were 2 modules for me to choose from for the 4th one which i will call it E and G. then one of the modules that i am confirmed taking, lets call it T. i was totally sianed when i saw the timetable last night just before i slept.

Tuesday 10-11 slot: E, G and T all in that timeslot at different venues.
Wednesday 11-12 slot: G and T
Thursday 11-12 slot: only G
Thursday 3-4 slot: only E
Friday 9-10 slot: E and T

FYI, each module has 3 1-hr lecture per week. so, i am going to miss 2 hr lectures per week! woohoo. left with 10hrs only per week! but that also means i have to catch up on my own. sian! hahaha.. see how lahh who knows if very few people taking E or G modules, i can persuade the lecturers to change the timeslot? hahaha

anyways.. my holidays is coming to an end. it is not really a holiday lo. haha. because of this cant wait to start my life in london again. for the last yr perhaps. and i have set some resolutions in the new academic year! hopefully i will be able to fulfill them. :)


12:07 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008:musings
have been busy giving tuition to my a level kids. hahaha... using the word kids is so weird. all these tuition are just wad i have been busy with for these last weeks of my holidays. *sobs* hahah.. no lahh, me is not complaining. i mean i ll be happy for my students should they do well for their exams. =)

there is nothing much going on in my life reallie. zilch. ok lahh.. other than the fact that i am hooked on 2 channel 8 tv serials now. hahha. even though the 9pm show which features adrian pang as the baysitter for his niece in the show and it seems to me to be another propaganda for singaporeans to make babies, it is a very nice show. the baby is sooo cute. even though a baby boy would have been cuter. =p

reallie hope that i can have at least 3 kids in the future. hahhaha... even though there is no other half for me yet and no i am not going to anyhow spread my seeds =p and hopefully my future wife doesnt think that i treat her as a child-bearing machine. hahhaha.....

oh! and i really cant stand schools that set killer papers to kill students. the anderson jc maths papers are killers with the capital k lo. not only do they dont serve the purpose of differentiating the students of different calibres, they only demoralise the students lo. n it pains me to see my brother's face on friday. hahahha. well, to put it this way, the papers are passable only if you dun spend too much time on the tough questions and picking out the easy parts of the paper. but wif exam stress, how to do that? haiz. hopefully my brother and huimin can pass! =p

okok i am gg to watch adrain pang changing diapers for the baby liao. tata.


8:54 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008:the way i do
on weekend today last week, it was written that

"This year's postponement of the telecast [of the NDR] has a significance that goes beyond the interest in the Olympics and TV viewership rivalry. It is yet another indication that the Government accepts that not everything it deems important has to be also a priority for every SIngaporean."

My sentiments exactly!
I am not saying that Singaporeans should be self-centred and think of themselves only but when occasions arise i think that we are mature enough to determine for ourselves what our priorities should be.

All thanks to Huimin. I am in love with Marcos Hernandez. haha.. his songs lahh. everyone should go hear his songs. my all-time favourite song of his is "the way I do".


11:25 PM

darius tan
mjs, vs, vjc, ic
soon-to-be mathematics teacher
hopes to eat less, sleep more, exercise more, have a better relationship wif God and people around me, study and play harder



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